Certified RPG Professional


The Certified Role-Playing Game Professional (CRPGP) certification is a professional certification created and currently maintained by RPG.LLC.

The following requirements must be completed to become a CRPGP:

  1. Administrative Qualification

  2. Facilitator Qualification

  3. Theory & Evidence-in-practice Qualification

  4. Tips, Tricks, & Tools Qualification

  5. Applied Gaming Qualification

  6. Community Qualification

  7. Professional Standards Qualification

  8. Final Project/Practicum Qualification

  9. Peer Review Qualification

  10. Final Exam Qualification

When a trainee completes all 10 qualifications, they receive their CRPGP certificate appropriate to the level and pathway completed.

The specific requirements for each qualification vary by training level, pathway, and specialization.

About Levels & Pathways

CRPGP Exam Prerequisites

There are number of prerequisites you must meet before you may take the CRPGP exam. The requirements vary between specialty and level.

  • Generally they require completing either self-training or training-lead programs (for-fee through Authorized Providers, or for free to RPG Research volunteers). 

Other requirements:

  • Verified hands-on experience hours requirements met as Player or GM.

  • Verified postal mailing address (required to receive physical certificate).

  • Completed practicum, project, or essay(s).

For example, for Level 1 CRPGP Players or Game Masters (non-specialized):

  • Final project practicum assignment for Level 1 Players: Write a 2 to 3 page essay summarizing the topics you have learned in this program that enhances your skills and experience as a player and what you plan to do going forward. (must do this even if also finalizing GM exam at the same time).

  • Final project Practicum Assignment for Level 1 GMs: Write a 3 to 5 page essay summarizing the topics you have learned in this program that enhances your experience and capabilities as a Game Master, and what you plan to do going forward.

  • Pass the voicing test at the end of this session. This is required in order to meet final exam requirements, trainees will be required to re-perform the voices they have created in previous session using their cards (or other storage medium). It is required as part of receiving their diploma.

  • Complete all hours for verified hands-on experience requirements as player and/or GM.

Once all of the prerequisites are met, you may take the exam(s):

  • Take the final exam (closed book, monitored/proctored). Random assortment of 200 questions (slightly more than 10 per week of training) from the level 1 database of hundreds of questions. Must receive at least a 90% score on the final exam to receive your diploma. If you do not get a passing grade on the final exam, there is a one week minimum delay before you may retake the exam. 

  • For specializations, additional requirements may include verifying licensing or other credentials (such as NCTRC CTRS, LSW, etc.)

  • Once you meet all requirements and pass your final exam, inform your coach/mentor/supervisor, and they will begin the process of getting you a digital and mailed physical copy of your Level One RPG Player Diploma, and/or your Level One RPG Game Master Diploma.

Ready to take the CRPGP certification exam?

If you have completed the requirements for taking the CRPGP exam, and you are ready to schedule taking the exam, 

please Contact Us, and we will schedule you for taking the exam.

About Specializations

For example:

  • A Certified Role-Playing Game Professional Level 2 Player (CRPGP-P2)

  • A Certified Role-Playing Game Professional Level 18 Game Master Therapist with Autism Spectrum Population Level 1, At-risk Youth Level 3, and Incarcerated Populations Level 1, Specialty Endorsements: CRPGP-GM18 (ASD1, ARY3, Incarc2).

Yes, that is quite a mouthful, but it provides clear information about the individual's qualifications.

Trainees have a number of different choices about how they gain the training and experience necessary to meet each of the certification qualifications.

About Training Options

Why Professional Standards, Training, and Certification Matter

RPG.LLC provides certification programs that verify the expertise of those who have completed the training programs. It provides assurance to end-users, partners, clients, patients, and others that the professional meets the highest quality of standards in the industry.

Certification proves they meet:

    • Standards of professionalism

    • Safety and enjoyment for the widest audience possible

    • Articulating values that reinforce respect, accessibility, inclusiveness, and consideration for others

    • Legal and liability considerations, including insurance requirements

RPG.LLC's Training is the Most In-Depth and Evidence-Supported in the Industry

Built upon more than 40 years of real-world professional experience, supported by decades of research and evidence-in-practice data, and ongoing peer review. We pride ourselves on providing the industry's most rigorous, in-depth, effective, and applicable programs available.


Our programs are multi-disciiplinary and cover a wide range of knowledge domains and professions.

Currently RPG.LLC's training and certification programs do not yet provide credentialing for other professions, however we are actively engaged in the (lengthy) process of acquiring credential support across multiple industries. As these requirements are met, we will update our literature and announcements accordingly.

Certification Maintenance

RPG.LLC's certifications are valid for 5 years.

RPG.LLC (and associated partners) provide a number of methods to maintain and grow your certification investment, by accumulating verified Continuing Education Units (CEUs), including:

  • RPG.LLC's (or authorized partners) training workshops

  • Multi-session training programs

  • Online self-study training

  • Verified community program implementation

  • Authorized conferences or associated events

Begin Level 1 Training for Certification Today!

More Information

For more information about the variety of training and certifications choices available, please see the page:

"RPG Professional Training & Certification Options".

Similar approaches to professional certifications are seen in a variety of fields to establish consistent baselines of service quality, safety, and employer expectations. In the tech sector, Microsoft, Oracle, and the SANS Institute, offer a variety of professional certifications to set a baseline quality control and definition of standards at different levels with various areas of focus. In the education industry it is not unusual to have an overarching certification with a wide variety of endorsements. In the healthcare sector it is common to have various specialty and population specialization areas. We also highly regard the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) and the Board Certified Music Therapist, certifications as many of our requirements map well to the subject matter included in those specialty certifications, however our certification focuses on specialization in as a role-playing game professional using RPGs as an intervention modality rather than the broader music or recreation therapy.

As with the aforementioned technology certifications, currently no accrediting body recognizes the CRPGP, instead over time they have come to be recognized by other organizations in the field for the quality (or lack thereof) and provide recognized value to employers for applicants with the credentials.

For the short term it will be this market-driven approach that determines the value of the CRPGP in the RPG industry.

Over time however, RPG.LLC plans to apply to accrediting bodies, especially for the certifications related to education and therapeutic specialties, to increase the value and impact of the CRPGP.

Furthermore, RPG.LLC is considering creating a separate organization solely for managing the CRPGP, something along the lines of The Council for Role-Playing Game Professional Certification, though this is currently  in the earliest stages.

At present the CRPGP is undergoing considerable revision since first proposed in 2004, and formalized in 2014 under other name variations. Based on Job Analysis information from practitioners, employers, and other professionals we continue to revise this certification every 5 years.

This is one reason why the certification has a limited "shelf life" before recertification is required (though this can be extended through ongoing training, attending authorized events for CPUs (Continuing Professional Units) and/or CEUs (Continuing Education Units), etc.).

The CRPGP is valid for 5 years from publication of the certification date.  Those wishing to retain their certification without having to take the latest certification test again, must report every 2 years their aggregate continuing professional units or (CPUs) or continuing education units (CEUs) during their certification period to renew for an additional 2 years, or complete all of the qualification requirements for a full 5 year extension.

Lapsed certification means the professional will need to meet all requirements of the latest version of the CRPGP, and will no longer be "grandfathered" in.

Professionals who allow their certification to lapse MUST CEASE & DESIST  representing themselves as a CRPGP until their certification is once again valid.