Services Fee Schedule Overview

This page provides a general guideline on the rates for our therapeutic services and programs.

If you are looking for pricing on our recreational,entertainment, or educational programs, please see the appropriate sections of our site.

The rates posted on this page may not be the most current rates and may change without advanced notice.

Note that we bill at a minimum of 1 hour increments for a session up to the first hour, and then minimum 15 minute increments for all subsequent time for that session.


Here is an overview of our rates, please see the details later on this page.

Most of RPG Therapeutics LLC's services have a base hourly rate usually starting around $200 USD per hour.

Some of our shared group and community programs are periodically available for as low as $49 USD per session (not per hour).

Community Group Programs

  • Our community programs with our pre-established shared group programs range between $50-$200  per session (not per hour) , per person, with the costs of the sessions split between the participants to reduce the burden of cost on any one individual.

  • Minimum 3 participants required for active group.

    • Tabletop programs: Maximum 6 participants per facilitator/table.

    • Non-tabletop programs: Maximum 12 participants per facilitator.

  • Session duration ranges between 45 minutes to 3 hours. For example, our young children's programs for ages 4 through 9 are typically just 45 minutes, our senior groups typically 1.5-2 hours, while our other groups are typically 2.5-3 hours.

To participate join our wait list.

Contact us  for further details.

Special Group Workshops

  • At our facilities or online (minimum 3 participants per session):

    • Less than 1 hour $99

    • 1-2 hours: $199

    • 3-4 hours: $299

    • Full-day (5-8 hours): $499

  • On-site events at client or other facilities (minimum 10 participants per session):

    • 3 hour workshops: $399

    • 6 hour workshops: $599

    • Optional RPG Trailer/Bus Rental: +$75/hr ($2,900/week or $10,000/month if kept at site)

    • + other expenses, travel time, setup/tear-down, etc.

    Prices listed are per-person for single session.

  • For special group or employer rates, Contact us for further details.
    These programs are available intermittently throughout the year. If you are interested in participating, learning more, or signing up for the wait list, Contact us.

  • Individual Rates

  • Single facilitator one-on-one sessions (single facilitator):

    • $175 per hour

      • Typical 2.5 to 4 hour sessions $600 - $800 per session, 1 to 4 clients

  • Controlled Simulated Group Sessions (2-3 facilitators) our most popular programs :

    • $200 per hour

      • Typically 2.5 to 4 hour sessions $747 - $996 per session, for 1 to 16 clients.

  • Larger Group Sessions (4-5 facilitators):

    • $300 per hour

      • Typically 3-4 hour sessions $900 - $1,200 per session, 1 to 20 clients.

  • Consultation with founder, Hawke Robinson, known as "The Grandfather of Therapeutic Gaming" $350 per hour.

  • We do not currently offer sliding scale options.

  • Some limited pro bono options may be available for non-profits/charities.

  • In most cases our services can only accept private pay, not insurance.

  • Since 2016 we are no longer able to accept Medicare or Medicaid.

  • Partial insurance coverage may be available if your insurance policy covers "Recreational Therapy" or "Therapeutic Recreation" services

Free Community Program Options

Our sister-company, the non-profit role-playing game research and community programs charity RPG Research, offers regular free Drop In and RPG programs at Spark Central Community Center,  the Role-Playing Game Community Center, 101 North Stone Street, Spokane, Washington, 99202, and online.

RPG Research was founded by the same person who created RPG.LLC, Hawke Robinson.

These programs are run by unpaid volunteers and trainees in an public community setting that may not be appropriate for some individuals challenges, but are a good option for many needing to increase their social connections and receive the inherent benefits that participation in role-playing games can provide as shown by over 40 years of research and evidence-in-practice.

Please see the RPG Research website for details on schedule and program availability. They are typically "first come, first serve".

Payment Methods

We accept the following forms of payment: 

    • Cash

    • Check

    • Credit/Debit Card

    • Paypal 

Payment is typically due at the time of service, before service delivery, though arrangements can be made for NET10, NET15, or NET30 terms, if agreed in advance.

New Therapeutic Individual Client Initial Consultation

The first step is a brief 15-30 minute free consultation to see if our services are a potential fit to your needs.

Please Contact Us to schedule this initial free consultation.

New Client Intake Process

If it is determine that our services are a good fit for your needs, there is an an initial New Client Intake process. This process includes intake paperwork and the associated processing fee. This includes safety and HIPAA release forms as well as other standard documentation we must have before we can proceed.

  • New Client Intake Processing Fee: $100

  • If it is recommend to complete any of our formal assessments, additional fees may apply, typically no more than an additional $100.

  • For our therapeutic services, download the New Client Intake Forms here:

When you have finished the paperwork, either send the completed forms by postal mail, or digital copies of the completed and signed paperwork through our safe and secure New Client Intake Forms Submission Page.

  • Upload your completed new client intake documents here: https://forms/new-client-intake-forms-submission-page

Once we have received your intake paperwork, we will send you an invoice for the paperwork processing fee that you can easily pay online. Once we have receipt of your payment, we will process your paperwork, and schedule for your first paid consultation session to begin developing the Program Plan that meets your goals.

When you complete the intake paperwork, please let us know if you want to begin with weekly or every-other week sessions. Our research shows that both programs work equally as well, though the results take longer to fully realize with the every-other week schedule, the same beneficial results are typically realized over time.

First Session

Once the new client intake, HIPAA agreement, and related documentation are in place, we can have a more detailed consultation than we could during the initial free session.

  • First billable session: $150 for one hour.

Includes up to 1 hour session time (in-person or remote). If your first session exceeds the first hour, subsequent hours will be billed at our Standard Hourly Rates.

Standard Hourly Rates

  • Depending on the service and staff our rates for private sessions or other billable work ranges between $90 to $250 per hour.

  • We bill a minimum of 1 hour for sessions, and then a minimum 15 minute increments thereafter. 

  • Non-session work is billed at minimum 15 minute increments.

Individual Staff Rates

  • Staff non-session billable work: $100+/hr * (such as administrative overhead documentation writing, meetings and documentation for IEPs, CEPs, etc.).

  • Staff session: $200+/hr *

  • Senior staff (Hawke Robinson) non-session billable work: $250+/hr

  • Senior staff (Hawke Robinson) session: $350+/hr

* Note that there may often be periodic senior staff direct oversight/supervision of staff sessions at no added charge.

** Our individual staff billing rate is at a minimum of 1 hour, and then billed in minimum 15-minute increments thereafter. For example a 1 hour 41 minute session would be billed as 1 hour 45 minutes.

Customized Program Plans

We have a wide range of programs from our decade of experience, and most of our programs can be easily adopted to fit your needs. In some cases you may have specific program design requirements that required creating a most customized Program Plan ideal to helping you achieve your goals.

Also, for many of our programs we work in partnership with you and your other resources (other doctors, therapists, social workers, teachers, etc.), this my require some billable non-session time speaking with these other supportive resources.

Some programs may require some billable hours working on creating a custom Program Plan that more closely matches your distinctive needs than our standard programs. If we will need to create a customized program plan that is significantly different from our wide array of existing programs, the billable rates are as follows:

Consultation Services

See our Consultation Services Page for more information on direct consulting.

Payment Due

Most of our services require payment at the time of service delivery.

Some services require payment in advance (such as the new client intake paperwork processing fee).

Upon special arrangement in advance some of our services may allow for payment within 15-30 days of service, instead of immediately

Cancellation Policy

For individual service cancellations with less than 24 hours notice there is a $200 flat fee for online services and services in our primary Service Areas.

For all other services and service areas, please see the cancellation policy specific details for each service and/or service area. This can range from $90 to more than $1,000 depending on what was cancelled and the timing.

For online and services within our primary service areas, if you notify us of your cancellation at least 24 hours before service delivery (for online services, and services in Zone, you may reschedule. If you have pre-paid and do not wish to reschedule, we can refund you the full amount paid minus any processing fees we have to pay (for example Paypal processing fees, merchant fees, etc.).

No-Show Policy

For session no-shows, the full rate for the entire session applies since it used up a time slot other clients could have used.

Return/Refund Policy

We hope you will be pleased with our services. If you are not fully satisfied, we ask that you please contact us first to provide an opportunity for us to help meet your needs.

Please see the details below regarding return/refund policies.

Digital Products

Unless otherwise specified, games, software downloads, e-books, and other purchases from our online stores or other stores selling our products, are not returnable after purchase.


Please see our Cancellation policy for details on cancellation or no-show, charges and requirements.

For services actually delivered, within the restrictions of applicable laws, we have a no refund policy once our services have begun to be delivered to the client.


Please note that due to changes which services are covered, caused by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as of 2016, we can no longer accept Medicare / Medicaid (CMS). Due to the ACA changes, this has a ripple effect about what insurance companies consider as covered services. So please note that as of 2016,  your policy with your provider must include coverage for "Recreational Therapy", "Therapeutic Recreation" or similar clause to be eligible for providing partial or complete coverage of our services. Over time we hope to be able to offer sliding scale pricing, but we do not currently do so.

As of 2022 most clients have to self-pay full rates.

Our base hourly unbundled rates are the same whether they are in-person or online.

Services that include staff physically at your location/facility may have additional costs due to expenses.

We do offer bundled discounted rates for some or our programs, and for some facilities and organizations that would like us to provide group sessions or training for their clients or staff. Please Contact Us for more information about such bundled rate options.

Medicare partially covers some therapeutic recreation for certain conditions. Some health insurance policies will also cover recreational therapy to various degrees. An individual’s healthcare provider and insurance company can provide details about cost and how to get a therapy referral. It is important to remember that only a prescription for recreational therapy would be considered for reimbursement, which doesn't occur all the time. This means you need to get you doctor (typically General Practitioner, or Ph.D. Psychiatrist, or Medical Doctor M.D., or others that are authorized to write prescriptions), to write a prescription specifically for Recreation Therapy (RT) or Therapeutic Recreation (TR). Even better if it is more specific to RPG Therapy as the modality for the intervention.

Please note that generally, due to the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA), as of 2016 we are not usually able to accept insurance coverage policies for most providers including Medicare and Medicaid.

If your insurance policy covers Therapeutic Recreation or Recreational Therapy services you may be able to receive full or partial coverage for some of our services, but you are ultimately responsible for paying for our services, and then you can work with your insurance company for reimbursement.

Please contact your insurance company in advance to determine if they consider either “Therapeutic Recreation” or “Recreational Therapy” as a covered service, and the amounts they will cover, including number of sessions, pay-out rate, etc.

Financial Assistance

We are working on putting together a Financial Assistance Fund to help those with financial struggles wishing to receive our services. A portion of all our client's payments are (when possible) place into this fund to help us over time offer a sliding scale option. We do not yet offer this sliding scale option, but will announce when the fund is sufficiently finances.

A portion of our client sessions are being set aside to help toward growing this fund. We welcome any other individuals or organizations interested in helping to grow this fund, to please Contact us.

If you are interested in helping support this fund to enable others to receive services, please let us know, and we will gladly supply you with the necessary forms to donate to this fund.

RPG.LLC Donates to Non-Profit Charity RPG Research

RPG Therapeutics LLC donates a considerable portion of our profits to the 501(c)3 non-profit charitty RPG Resarch to support them in their role-playing game research and community programs.