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FYI: Between January through April 2023, all programs are fully booked. We are currently accepting new clients and trainee wait list applicants. Please go to our Contact Us page, indicating which service(s), product(s), or training you are interested in, and we will add you to the correct wait list. We expect to begin sessions with wait listed new clients, patients, and students by May 2023.

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If you are looking for RPG Professional Training, and you do not want to wait, consider volunteering at the 100% volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit RPG Research, and receive their free Role-Playing Game Professional Training Diploma which is valid toward meeting many of the Certified Role-Playing Game Professional (CRPGP) requirements.

NOTE: 20% of all RPG.LLC's profits are donated to the 100% volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit RPG Research to further their global research and community programs.

RPG Professional Training Workshops Overview

Our robust holistic approach to Role-Playing Game  Professional Training Workshops for all Professional covers market domains in:

  • Recreation

  • Entertainment

  • Education

  • Healthcare/Therapeutic

  • Executive Teams, etc.

Each workshop session is typically between 3 to 6 hours.

For each workshop, full participation engagement and completion of all workshop requirements includes a Receipt of Workshop Purchase and Proof of  Workshop Completion Documentation.

Completion of all workshops, exams, and other requirements for the Certified Role-playing Game Professional (CRPGP) Full Level of Training, will provide a full certificate for "Certified Role-Playing Game Professional Level X" (CRPG-GM1, CRPG-GM2, etc.).

Learn more about our full Certification program requirements, and lookup current and previously Certified Role-Playing Game Professionals at the Certified RPG Professional website:

Standard Live In-Person or Online Workshop Pricing

The following table is an approximate guide, prices may change without notice, see our online store for the latest pricing and any special offers.

Package Number of Sessions Package Overview A la carte price Bundle Price % Bundle Savings compared to a la carte option
Single Session Workshop 1 a la carte, single workshop session $300 n/a n/a
Bundle 6 6 Workshop bundle of 6 sessions
$1,800 $1,600 10% savings
Bundle 12 12 Workshop bundle of 12 sessions
$3,600 $3,000 15% savings
Bundle 18 18 Workshop bundle of 18 sessions
$5,400 $4,300 20% savings
Bundle 26 (1/2 of Full Program) 26 Half of Full Program: 26 session program (1/2 of the Full Program), includes student workbook, practicum, peer review sessions, between session assignments and scoring, 1 final exam, and other requirements towards certification included in the pricing, $10,000 $7,500 25% savings
Bundle 52 (Full Program) 52 52 sessions and including Full Certification Program, 2 final exams, multiple practicum and reviews, peer review sessions, between-session assignments and scoring, online learning platform use, and all other requirements toward full certification,
$20,000 $14,000 30% savings

Typical Workshop Outline

Full participation and engagement in each workshop typically includes the following:

  • 3 to 6 hours per session.

  • Receipt of workshop purchase and scheduling

  • Course Overview

  • Quiz Baseline

  • Applied hands-on

  • Research, Theory, & Evidence-in practice Lecture & Discussion

  • Professional Tips & Tricks

  • Quiz Retake

  • Q&A

  • Proof of Workshop Completion Documentation

  • Between-session assignment tasks (typically 5 to 30 minutes) (for multi-session trainees)

NOTE: Final exams, practicum evaluation, and other requirements for the Certified Role-Playing Game Professionals Certifications are not included in the individual a la carte workshop pricing. 

If you would like the full Certified Role-playing Game Professional certification (CRPGP), there are additional requirements before you may take the final exam. See the Certified Role-Playing Game Professional website for details:

RPG.Education Self-paced Online Learning Standard Pricing

Self-paced RPG.Education Online Asynchronous Self-paced learning options using our Learning Management System (LMS) at

Some of the courses may apply toward the Level One CRPGP Certification requirements. A single course is equivalent to one of our live workshops in material covered, but does not include as much of the hands-on experience or peer review options available through the workshops.

  • <100-level basic introductory courses: $25-$99/course

  • 100-level (Level One CRPGP content):  $100/course (65% savings over a la carte live workshop)

  • 200-level (Level Two CRPGP content): $125/course

  • 300-level (Level Three CRPGP content): $150/course

  • 400-level (Level Four CRPGP content): $175/course

  • 500-level (Level Five CRPGP content): $200/course

  • 600-level (Level Six CRPGP content): $225/course
    700-level (Level Seven CRPGP content): $250/course

  • 800-level (Level Eight CRPGP content): $275/course

  • 900-level (Level Nine CRPGP content): $295/course

  • 1000 to 2000-level (Level Ten through 20 of CRPGP content): $300/course 

Full CRPGP Training Program Level Overview

We offer 20 levels of intensive training programs. Each Full CRPGP Program Level includes the following:

  • Pass mandatory background check

  • 52 Sessions of in-class training (3 to 6 hours training per session, average 4 hours) (Minimum 200 hours)

  • Complete all theory training requirements (26 chapters per level)

  • Complete all in-class applied gaming sessions (6-12 different game systems per level of training)

  • Complete all self-study assignments (typically 15-90 minutes of work per session) (Minimum 40 self-study assignments)

  • Complete all journal entries

  • Complete all written/recorded essays

  • Complete all observer, player, and GM logs and evaluations (Minimum 40 sessions, minimum 200 hours)

  • Complete all approved volunteer hours requirements "giving back to the community" (this is very flexible) (Minimum 100 hours)

  • Complete all supervised, peer-reviewed lab and/or community sessions (Minimum 130 hours)

  • Complete all the above training, volunteering, and peer-review hours before eligible to take final exam (2 passed exams required per level)

  • Complete all session/section online Learning Management System (LMS) open workbook quizzes with 100% score before eligible to take final exam

  • Total course and experience hours per level (minimum): Ranges between 300 to 1,000 hours per CRPGP level. Level 1 = 630 hours

  • Complete final exam (closed book) with 90% or higher, to receive certification and online verification listing as a Certified Role-Playing Game Professional (CRPGP).

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Note that Continuing Education Unites (CEUs) may be available from some of the workshop sessions for some certified/licenses professionals.

Please Contact Us for further details.