Role-Playing Game Professional (RPGP): Training, Apprenticeship, Journeyman, Professional Mastery, Workshops, Certification, Diplomas, & CEUs

Take our training programs or a la carte or bundled workshops for those aspiring toward meeting the requirements for the Certified Role-Playing Game Professional (RPGP) certifications or diplomas.

Role-Playing Game Professional Overview

Why the Role-Playing Game Professional Training, Workshops, Certifications, and Diplomas?

Role-Playing Games are Wonderfully Power Tools, but When Used for Professional Application, Professional Standards Are Needed: For maximum efficacy, benefit, accessibility, inclusiveness, and safety, high professional standards are needed in a fast growing but immature industry, that is where the Role-Playing Game Professional (RPGP) by RPG.LLC comes into "play".

We have been involved with the development of role-playing gaming and community programs since 1977!

Our programs are well-supported by over 45 years of research, peer-review, and evidence-in-practice across a wide range of disciplines validating their efficacy, validity, and reliability.


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RPG Professional (RPGP) Workshops, Accredited Sessions, & Professional CEUs

Participate in our in-person or online Role-Playing Game Professional Training Workshops available for a wide range of professionals and application domains:

  1. Laypersons, non-professional (generally just want to improve as player or GM, not committed to professional RPG career).

  2. Community services volunteers and professionals

  3. Recreation and Leisure professionals

  4. Entertainment professionals

  5. Education professionals, includes academic as well as personal and professional development training

  6. Technologies development (hardware and software)

  7. Research (volunteers, students, professors, and other professionals)

  8. Healthcare professionals

Some of our sessions are accredited by a variety of different professional accreditation bodies such as NCTRC, JCAHO, and others. Some of our sessions may be applicable toward a variety of professional Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS) and others.

Comprehensive Professional Development Advancement, Training Programs, Certification, Diplomas, and CEUs for RPGP Trainees

RPG.LLC's RPGP Training, Workshops, Certification, and Diploma Intensely Rigorous Programs Are Second To None In Depth, Breadth, Efficacy, Applicable Value, and Supported by 45+ Years of Research and Evidence-in-Practice

We have been developing our experience for over 45 years!

Our Role-Playing Game Professional (RPGP) training is intensive but follows the neuroscience and Cognitive Neuropsychology of Learning principles for maximum efficacy, retention, and long-term applicability.

We refuse to give into the increasing trend of "pump and dump" that has been so damaging to educational and professional training systems worldwide. Instead we are following the best evidence-in-practice methodologies we can develop for maximum comprehension, with the longest valuable retention, and clear application, for the most effective benefit in return of your time (and money) investment.

This is an intensively rigorous training program.

We are, and strive to continue to be, a global leader in the Role-Playing Game Professional Services industry and endeavor to make our training  second to none.

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RPG.Education Online Learning Management System (LMS) Platform

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Materials Roadmap & Shopping List

This roadmap provides a list to resources required for the Role-Playing Game Professional (RPGP) training programs and workshops.

This includes the REQUIRED books you will need to have, and the RPG.Education online Learning Management System (LMS) system registration and access you will need for the workshops, quizzes, online courses, tests, certification, and diploma programs.

For in-person programs, most of these materials are generally provided. But for remote programs, you will need to get you own materials in order to full participate and get the full benefit of the training programs.

This gives you an idea of what we cover in general, and helps you be prepared for each session to optimize your time learning and getting real hands-on applicable experience preparing you for real world professional services delivery.

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Applied Activities & Gaming Roadmap

The roadmap providing a high level overview of the hands-on activities and game systems each trainee goes through during their professional development in the Role-Playing Game Professional programs.

Tips & Tricks of the Trade Roadmap

This roadmap provides a high level overview of the "Tips & Tricks of the Trade" relevant to the Role-Playing Game Professional.

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Concepts Roadmap

This roadmap provides a high level overview of the theories, research, evidence-in-practice, and other concepts that are covered in the Role-Playing Game Professional programs.

RPG Professional Certifications

The RPGP Certifications require multiple training sessions, supervisor and peer-review works, and validated hands-on experience.
One or more Final Exams must be passed in addition to all of the other prerequisites for each certificate before an RPGP candidate receives full certification.
Each certification is valid for 5 years as long as the practitioner maintains their annual background checks. They can keep their existing certification longer than 5 years if they attend and accumulate sufficient CEUs appropriate to their level of certification during that 5 year period, showing continuing update of their knowledge and skills. There is an annual renewal fee for certificate renewal every 5 years.

All certifications must be kept current through:

  • Annual Background Checks: Annual verified criminal background checks

  • CEUs: Sufficient Continuing Education Units CEUs during every 5-year period

  • Fees: Paying certification renewal fee every 5 years (or reinstatement fees for lapsed certifications, in addition to any other reinstatement requirements)

RPG Professional Diplomas

The RPGP Diplomas are an accumulation of met requirements, including multiple certifications, multiple Authentications, and other requirements. These do not expire, however the associated certifications (highest one achieved) do require annual background checks and 5-year renewal requirements as with all certifications. Diplomas are major milestones and proof of extensive training, knowledge, and applicable experience that has life-long benefits.
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RPGP Apprenticeship

Once trainees achieve apprenticeship certification, during their apprenticeship period, they are actively engaged in ongoing intensive training, while increasingly involved with hands-on (heavily supervised) real-world application in community and other settings.
Apprentices will evolve over time to learng and grow their skills with extensive supervision and peer-review.

Journeyman RPG Professional Development

Once trainees achieve their first journeyman certification, they are eligible to create and work on programs with general oversight, but are not yet at the full level of independence that a full RPG Professional certification authorizes.
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RPG Professional Mastery

Once trainees achive their RPG Professional mastery certification, they are now eligible to develop and implment entire programs without supervision, work as an independent contractors, consultants, etc.

Maven, Maestro, & Executive RPG Professional Development

For those who want to go beyond just general professional mastery, and take their knowledge, experience, and abilities to highest levels possible.
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