Sensory Controlled Spaces

RPG Therapeutics Offers Sensory Controlled Spaces

Many of our clients experience overwhelm from sensory overload. This can include any and all senses, and even cross-over synthesia.

For decades we have offered "Sensory Controlled Spaces" (SCS) at our facilities. We also have periodically provided other facilities with SCS for community and other events like professional conferences and fandom conventions.

Furthermore, since 2016 we have been providing the RPG Mobile (RPG Bus and RPG Trailers) as mobile Sensory Controlled Spaces to help with our programs, community centers, and other programs to pull up in front and provide controlled environments and quiet spaces as needed.

These are similar to RPG Research's Calm Rooms and's AFK Rooms.

If you would like more information on our Sensory Controlled Spaces, or how RPG Therapeutics LLC can help your facitlities/event provide an SCS, we can either provide the SCS directly, or provide consulting to help you develop and implement your own controlled spaces.

Our Sensory Controlled Spaces vary based on client need. Our facilities and RPG Mobile facilities are able to control:

  • Lighting (full spectrum LED remote controllable)

  • Sound (buffering exterior noise, or enabling various sound frequencies or music throughout the spaces)

  • Tactile (different contact materials offered for seating, table, etc.)

  • Olfactory (neutral or targeted scents)

  • Activities / stimulus engagement activities

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