Role-Playing Game Professional (RPGP) Specifications Documents Overview (RFC Drafts)

Why the Role-Playing Game Professional Training, Workshops, Certifications, and Diplomas?

Role-Playing Games are Wonderfully Power Tools, but When Used for Professional Application, Professional Standards Are Needed: For maximum efficacy, benefit, accessibility, inclusiveness, and safety, high professional standards are needed in a fast growing but immature industry, that is where the Role-Playing Game Professional (RPGP) by RPG.LLC comes into "play".

We have been involved with the development of role-playing gaming and community programs since 1977!

Our programs are well-supported by over 45 years of research, peer-review, and evidence-in-practice across a wide range of disciplines validating their efficacy, validity, and reliability.

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  1. The RPGP programs have solid foundations built on over 45 years of RPG Research's Free & Open Research and Community Engagement, as well as the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and MedicineOpen Science by Design” approaches

  2. An Overview of the RPGP Programs 21+ Levels of Training Advancement

  3. The 4 RPGP Credential types: Verification & Validation (V&V), RPGP Certifications, RPGP Diplomas, RPGP CEUs.

  4. The 10 Basic Components of RPG Research's Controlled Research and Community Research Feedback Loop Workflow

  5. The RPGP Role-Playing Game Model fundamentals

  6. RPG Formats (4)

  7. The RPGP 8 Top-Level Domains of RPG Application

  8. The RPGP 12 Primary Specialty Areas and many specific specialties

  9. A sample listing of the hundreds of RPGP Workshops available

  10. A sample listing of the hundreds of RPGP Online Courses & Tests available through RPG.Education

  11. A short list of the dozens of available and upcoming RPGP Training Books, Apps, & Interactive Tools

  12. List of the RPGP Certifications

  13. Information about the RPGP Long-term Training Programs for Diploma Completion

  14. List of the current "Authorized Active Practitioners" and RPGP Authorized Service Providers (RPGP-ASP)

For our programs to have any worth, the standards must be high.

  1. Just a few of the extensive standards in the RPG Professional Standards Specifications include:

  2. Required annual background checks

  3. Extensive supervision

  4. Extensive hands-on guide lab hours

  5. Extensive peer-review hours

  6. Extensive hands-on community hours (where appropriate)

  7. Following the "trades model" of practical application learning without losing the theoretical foundations (Trainee, Apprentice, Journeyman, etc.).

  8. Specialty areas available once the solid foundation is in place

  9. Designed for flexible life and work schedule into 4-hour modules every step of the way, so you can advance at your pace, once per week, or several times per week, you have flexible options.

  10. Extensive supporting materails:

  11. Websites

  12. Mobile Apps

  13. Physical Workbooks to track your progress

  14. Physical Study Guides

  15. Online Learning Management System (LMS) for additional self-study, as well as quizzes and exams.

  16. Over 20 levels of training