To lead the world in creating and providing innovative therapeutic solutions using a client-cenetered, wellness-focused, holistic bio-psycho-social approach, utilizing Therapeutic Recreation (TR) methodologies to inform effective modalities for providing opportunities of measurable improvements in functioning and quality of life for clients.

RPG Therapeutics is a world-leader in creating and providing innovative therapeutic solutions  through a holistic biological, psychological, and social approach built on research and evidence-in-practice. Our proven results use recreational therapy and adaptive role-playing games as  educational and therapeutic intervention modalities to help clients improve function, personal efficacy, socialization, and other skills for a wide range of individuals, groups, and organizations. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, we draw on the key principles of Therapeutic Recreation (TR) Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), cognitive neuropsychology, neuroscience and other disciplines as appropriate to provide client-centered wellness-focused products and services.