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Our Programs Are Based on More than 40 Years of Research & Evidence-in-Practice

We have been involved with role-playing games since the 1970s, as paid professional game masters and other RPG-related paid professional service providers since 1983. In schools and other educational settings since 1985. Providing direct therapeutic programs since 2004.

What stands out most about our programs is their depth. Depth of research and depth of training, thousands of iterations of testing and re-testing, and depth of evidence-in-practice. We are not aware of any programs that come close to providing the depth and breadth of RPG experience, research, training, application, and professional practice across many knowledge domains. 

Updated Business Hours

Our business hours currently listed are for phone calls to schedule events or sessions, and for our virtual services. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we currently cannot accept people at our primary office locations in-person, but we are here to serve you 7 days a week through our mobile and online services! 

You can engage in our services virtually through our own private, securely hosted online facilities.

Our Online Program Options

We have been providing secure virtual services since 1996 

This includes:

  • Secure telehealth / teletherapy options

  • Online live instructor-lead training workshops

  • Online social parties & events

  • Online social tabletop gaming group options

  • Online music options - Learn More

  • Online self-paced education platform options - Learn More

  • One-on-one or small group live online consulting services, and more - Learn More

These services are in addition to our usual mobile accessible services supporting customers at their doorstep or facility parking lot with the RPG Bus & RPG Trailers, as well as on-site services throughout Washington, Idaho, Montana, & Oregon.

Contact us online, or via phone during our adjusted business hours, 7 Days a week to serve you: 1:00 pm through 9:00 pm Pacific Time.

Secure Telehealth Therapeutic Services

Since 1996 we have been providing secure telehealth services via our own, dedicated privately hosted (not in the cloud) servers.

We can provide individual or group therapeutic services online.

While not identical to the in-person experience, over the decades we have become quite adept at providing an online experience very similar to the in-person sessions. Our research and evidence-in-practice shows that our online programs provide the same benefits as our in-person programs, though the online experience typically takes about 10% to 25% longer to achieve the same results.

For example, with one of our 16 week in-person programs, this means it may take 18 to 20 sessions instead of 16 to achieve all of the same results.

See our Therapeutic Services:

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Online Instructor-Lead Workshops

RPG.LLC offers the most comprehensive instructor-led RPG workshops in the industry.

When possible, we still offer on-site, in-person, and mobile workshops. When in-person attendance is not possible, you may find our online options a reasonable alternative.

Note, while we are able to provide many necessary hands-on materials for the in-person sessions, we are not able to provide all necessary materials for online sessions. This being the case, while we provide the same conceptual training, we cannot offer all the same hands-on exercises. For this reason, the online workshops are offered at a reduced rate.

To register for upcoming scheduled workshops:

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For additional information, feel free to:

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Online Self-paced RPG.Education Platform

Since 2008 we have offered an online self-paced education and testing platform. This has been significantly refined over the years as we continually improve the content, features, and user experience. We call this the RPG.Education Platform.

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Online One-on-one or Group/Staff Custom RPG Training

While our packaged training programs and workshops meet the needs of most people and organizations, some require a more customized approach to training. We provide upon request custom one-on-one and group training programs for individuals and organization staff.
If, after surveying our prepared options, you believe a custom program would more effectively meet your needs, please feel free to contact us for consultation.

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Online RPG Parties, Social Events, Conferences, & Conventions

See our RPG Parties Page for more information about our RPG Party and Social Event offerings, starting at $99.

Currently all in-person Parties and larger social event offerings are only available as online events.

If you are interested in learning more about options for Online RPG Parties and Online Social Events, please contact us for more information.

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Online Gaming Groups

We offer regular group gaming sessions at a reduced group rate for various populations, ranging from recreational to therapeutic, ages 5 to 105+. Group sessions range from $30 to $99 per session (per person).

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Online Music Training or Cooperative Jams

Online Drum Circle Facilitator Training