RPG Professional Training & Certification Options

So you are interested in getting certified as a Role-Playing Game Professional through RPG.LLC.

We offer the most comprehensive training for role-playing game professionals in the world!

Yes that is a bold statement, but it is based on fact.

First of all, know that our training and certification programs are based on more than 40 years of real-world experience (since 1977), 30+ years of applied programs (since 1983), and 16+ years of intensive research (since 2004 through the non-profit RPG Research).

You have a lot of options to choose from to find which option best fits your background and long term goals.

Choose Your Preferred Training Options

We offer several options for training:

  • Join the non-profit 501(c)3 RPG Research as a volunteer to receive free training.

  • Use our workbooks, study guides, online videos, and online education platform to self-train.

  • Participate in our intensive 1 to 5 day workshops.

  • Register for weekly training sessions working toward your RPG certificate levels.

More Information on Training Options

Choose Your Pathway

We provide professional training programs for any of the following 5 pathways:

  1. Layperson

  2. Recreational professional

  3. Entertainment professional

  4. Educational professional

  5. Therapeutic professional

More information on Pathways

Choose Your Goals

Well-rounder Training Levels or "a la carte" training, you choose.

We offer 20 RPG Professional training levels, as well as 1-off specializations.

You can either go through our proven level progression series of programs, or if you have more experience and just need specific areas filled, attend specific training series and workshops a la carte.

More information on Goal Options