18 Session RPG Professional Training Workbook Now Available!

Revised Role-Playing Game Professional Level 1 Training Workbook


New Revised Level 1 Training Workbook Now Available

Published by RPG Publishers dba, directly supporting RPG Research's free volunteer training programs, and RPG.LLC's professional training services, the latest enhanced and revised edition of this workbook is now available as of February 26th, 2021!


Note, 20% of all profits from sales of this book are donated by RPG Publishers dba to RPG Research. Also note the link goes to smile.amazon.com, select RPG Research as your charity of choice from the list, and then whenever you shop on smile.amazon.com a small percentage of all your shopping will be donated by Amazon.com to RPG Research at no added cost to you!

Learn more at:  https://rpg.llc/rpg-pro-workbook-1

Then you will want to read through the rest of this page for the additional resources and steps you may want to take.

RPG Professional Trainees include the following professional foci on role-playing game use: 

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Healthcare

  • Professional Development

  • Recreation

  • Therapeutic

  • and more

A Role-Playing Game Professional (RPG Professional) may come from many other professions, and offer role-playing games (RPGs) in many forms, across many different roleplaying game (RPG) formats, including but not limited to: tabletop RPG (TRPG/TTRPG), live-action role-playing (LARP), electronic (ERPG) / computer-based RPG (CRPG), and an endless array of hybrids (HRPG). Some titles may include: professional Dungeon Master, Professional Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master, Professional Game Master, professional dungeon master service provider, professional D&D DM, and a variety of others.

The RPG Workbook is a WORKbook, not a study guide or instruction manual. It includes placeholders and pointers for the necessary information, but does not just hand you the answers. The book is filled with quiz questions and note space that you need to fill in the blanks (the answers are not provided in the book). You can find the answers through self-study or by attending an RPG Professionals Authorized Service Provider's Training Program

This workbook is useful for many people wanting to take their knowledge and skills regarding role-playing games to new heights!

Supported by decades of multidisciplinary research, hands-on experiences, evidence-based-practice in multiple fields,  hundreds of internal publication and program revisions over the decades, peer review, and feedback from thousands of participants, the Role-Playing Game Professionals Level 1 Training Workbook is now available for purchase on Amazon.

The Amazon Preview Edition is now available in large format paperback and alternate eBook Kindle format.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These workbooks are not study guides. They are designed as a support tool for guided training programs.