Role-Playing Game Professional Training Workbooks

For Recreation, Entertainment, Education, Healthcare & Therapeutic Professionals Using Tabletop (TRPG), Live-Action (LRPG), Electronic (ERPG), & Hybrid (HRPG) Role-Playing Games to Achieve Measurable Results.

by W.A. Hawkes-Robinson, RTR.

Training Workbooks for RPG Professionals!

"Role-Playing Game Professional Level 1 Training Workbook - For Recreation, Entertainment, Education, Healthcare & Therapeutic Professionals Using Tabletop, Live-Action, Electronic, & Hybrid Role-Playing Games to Achieve Measurable Results."

RPG Professional Trainees include the following professional foci on role-playing game use: 

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Healthcare

  • Professional Development

  • Recreation

  • Therapeutic

  • and more

This book is a workbookIt includes placeholders and pointers for the necessary information, but does not just hand you the answers. The book is filled with quiz questions and note space that you need to fill in the blanks (the answers are not provided in the book). You can find the answers through self-study or by attending an RPG Professionals Authorized Service Provider's Training Program

This workbook is useful for many people wanting to take their knowledge and skills regarding role-playing games to new heights!

Supported by decades of multidisciplinary research, hands-on experiences, evidence-based-practice in multiple fields,  hundreds of internal publication and program revisions over the decades, peer review, and feedback from thousands of participants, the Role-Playing Game Professionals Level 1 Training Workbook is now available for purchase on Amazon. The Amazon Preview Edition is now available in large format paperback and alternate eBook Kindle format.


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This workbook is useful to you if:

  • You are a strongly self-motivated person interested in self-study, and happy to put forth the effort to research the answers and fill in the book on your own.  

  • You are brand new to role-playing games and need some kind of structure to help you wade through the overwhelming white noise. 

  • You are involved with one of the non-profits offering free training in return for your volunteering (such as RPG Research), you will find this workbook invaluable for keeping track of your training and all the important resources you need. 

  • You are involved with the online guided courses from RPG.Education and other authorized providers. This workbook maps directly to some of the key course offerings. 

  • You are a professional looking for training on how to bring role-playing games into your profession/business/organization/school/facility/hospital/long-term-care-center/community-center, etc. And you plan to attend professional training sessions from RPG.LLC, RPG Therapeutics, or other authorized training providers. 

  • You are an educator who would like to create and RPG education program through your educational institution, and need a workbook in part or in whole to help guide your students through your courses. 

  • You are one of the many others who may find this workbook the perfect tool for learning, researching, or training.

This workbook format is meant to support RPG Professional training programs, such as the Certified Role-Playing Game Professional programs by RPG.LLC 

We do NOT recommend the eBook if you are planning to use this book for training, the eBook formatting is currently less than ideal. This book was designed for the large format Workbook to be completed by trainees to help them track their progress. The eBook format is provide (inexpensively) as-is for those just interested in reference and accessibility conveniences.

Suggested retail prices for the Amazon Preview Edition (available November 2020):

  • Paperback: $19.99 USD (8.5" x 11", 300 pages) ISBN: 979-8-5705530-4-0

  • eBook Kindle: $2.89 USD (455 pages, sharing allowed, text-to-speech enabled). ASIN: B08P93TY4W 

Suggested retail prices for the full First Edition (available mid-to-late December 2020):

  • Paperback: $29.95 USD (8.5" x 11", 300 pages, with added diagrams) ISBN: 978-1-7362302-0-6
    eBook: $9.99 USD. ISBN (pending).

The development of these workbooks and training programs has been decades in the making. Beginning with the first paper on the topic in 1983, and actual in-school courses taught 5-days per week in 1985, these programs have grown and developed as the research and evidence-in-practice has grown. Finally, after many years of running these training programs internally for staff, and for paying clients, many times per week, you can get easier access to this robust training.

While potentially useful for others, primarily these workbooks are used at both the international non-profit 501(c)3 charitable research & human services organization RPG Research, as well as at RPG.LLC for facilities and RPG Professionals development toward diploma and certificate requirements completion. 

These workbooks include all of the study quiz questions and variations on the final exam questions. They do not provide all of the instructional, lecture, and hands-on material, but they do provide extensive reference material. They also include many spaces to track your training progress, including training session hours, volunteer hours, general notes space, the quiz questions twice per chapter (baseline and end of session quizzes), progress badges tracking, and more!

The purpose of these books is for students working toward an RPG Professional level by RPG Research or RPG.LLC  to have a means to track their learning progress and store their notes as they advance their training and careers, and have them as useful reference tools for many years thereafter.

20% of all profits from the sale of all these books are donated directly to to the non-profit 501(c)3 research & human services 100% unpaid volunteer-run charitable organization RPG Research ( ).

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