We highly recommend our online self-paced training or intensive hands-on workshops that provide the most comprehensive training.

For those looking for a lighter-weight short introduction, you may found our webinars exactly what you need!

Our webinars are relatively short 1-2 hour live video conference sessions with Q&A.

These are a great starting point for those wanting to know more, and where to go next for more in-depth training.

Some of our webinars may also be available for ATRA/NCTRC accredited Continuing Education Unites (at additional cost for the CEU tests through ATRA).

The current introductory webinar offerings are:

  • Webinar 1: Introduction to Role-Playing Games for All Professionals (60 minutes)

  • Webinar 2: Introduction to Role-Playing Games for Education Professionals (60 minutes)

  • Webinar 3: Introduction to Role-playing Games for Healthcare and Therapeutic Professionals (90 minutes)

  • Webinar 4: Introduction to Drum Circle Facilitation (60 minutes)

  • Webinar 5: Introduction to Cooperative Music Jams Facilitation (60 minutes)

  • Webinar 6: Introduction to Recreation Program Planning and Management (90 minutes)

Previous Webinar Topics (Offered Again Upon Request)

  • Introduction to Role-Playing Games (RPGs) as Intervention Modalities in Therapeutic Recreation

  • Preparing the Self-Study for Academic Accreditation in Recreational Therapy: A Hands-On Session

  • Standards for the Practice of Role-Playing Games: Practical Applications for all Settings

  • Role of Role-Playing Games in Community-Based Adult Day Programs

  • Virtual Reality Role-Playing Game Interventions in Therapeutic Practice

  • Students with Mental Health Concerns/Issues in Public Schools, and How RPG Therapy is Used as a Related Service

  • Trauma Informed Care in Role-Playing Game Therapy Practice

  • Assessment of Sensory Preferences & Building of Self Determination through Role-Playing Game Programs

  •  Role-Playing Games  for Youth Involved in the Juvenile Justice System

  •  Support Meaningful Engagement of Older Adults with Dementia by Integrating Evidence-Based Role-Playing Game Programs

  • Continuing RPG Professional Competence

  • RPG Therapy, Patient, and Family-Centered Care

  • Use Meta-Therapeutic Processing With Role-Playing Games to Process and Facilitate Transformative Experiences

  • Using Role-Playing Games Intervention in Dementia Care

  • Relevant Practice Issues within RPG Therapy, Physical Rehabilitation, and Medicine

  • Healing Through Role-Playing Game Therapy: How We Can Have an Impact on the Traumatized Brain

  • International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health: Understanding the Basics and the Applications for Role-Playing Game Practice

  • Role-Playing Game Therapy in the Community: Transition from Education and Treatment Agencies

  • Role-Playing Games: Taking the Evidence Base and Making a Plan for Practice

  • The Value of Role-Playing Game Professional Practice: Opportunities to Provide a Continuum of Services that Contribute to Overall Health and Well-being

  • Accessibility Inclusion in Role-Playing Games

  • Introduction to Role-Playing Games (RPGs) as Intervention Modalities in Therapeutic Recreation: History, Theory, Research Evidence, Evidence-in-practice, & Hands-on Examples.

  • Specific Therapeutic Recreation Program Plan Examples & Evidence-in-practice Using Role-Playing Games For Various Developmental Age Groups to Achieve Measurable Results With Toddlers, Young Children, Youth, Adults, & Senior Adults, with additional information on relevant assessment tools, accessibility, and inclusiveness considerations.

  • Specific Therapeutic Recreation Program Plan Examples & Evidence-in-practice Using Role-Playing Games to Achieve Measurable Results & Adaptive Considerations for At-risk Populations (Youth and Adult), ADHD, Anxiety disorders, Aphantasia, ASD/PDD, Brain Injuries, Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Learning Disorders (Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, & others), Muscular Dystrophy & Cerebral Palsy, visually impaired, social phobias, and social skills development for many populations.

  • Professional Development, Issues, & Considerations When Integrating Role-Playing Games into Therapeutic Recreation Facilities or Independent Contractor Private Practice.

Additional webinars coming soon.

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