Online Workshop 1 Supplies List

While our in-person workshops provide all supplies necessary to participate in the hands-on segments of the training, due to the international nature of our online workshops, trainees will be required to acquire supplies themselves (not through us) to be able to fully participate in the hands-on sessions.

Many of these items are freely available for download, while others trainees will need to purchase and have delivered to their location. We do not stock or resell any of these items. The links provided are suggested locations to acquire the required items, but you are welcome to find other locations (use caution).

  • Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game Accessible (BFRPG) Player Character (PC) Sheet by Hawkes-Robinson - Free PDF Download

  • BFRPG Rulebook - Free PDF Download - Purchase Physical Book

  • DWAITS PC Sheet

  • TOR PC Sheet

  • NTYE PC Sheet

  • TS: NWO PC Sheet

  • D&D 5e PC Sheet

  • ...