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to Run a Role-Playing Game Session for You, Your Friends, Organization, Retreat, Convention, or Other Purposes

Tabletop (TRPG), Live-Action (LRPG & larp), Electronic (ERPG), and Hybrid (HRPG) all available

We offer more than 100 different RPG Systems and Settings to choose from!

World-Class Game Masters

Our Game Masters are the most highly trained in the industry, worldwide.

All undergo regular background checks and continuous training, peer review, and professional development.

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All RPG Formats Available

We offer Game Masters to facilitate all role-playing game formats:

  • Tabletop (TRPG)

  • Live-action (LRPG & larp)

  • Electronic (ERPG, including computer-based, mobile, augmented and virtual reality, audio, etc.)

  • Hybrids (HRPG), a mix of any of the other 3 formats, or combined with other activities like cross-over RPG board games or card games.

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100+ RPG Systems & Settings Available

Our Game Masters are experienced with running a vast array of role-playing game systems an settings. While we absolutely do offer every version of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and other d20 variants, we also offer many other non-D&D and non-d20 game systems and settings.

Learn more about our vast range of RPG system and setting offerings:

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