Webinar Practice 2 with ATRA Guests Saturday February 20th

02/20/2021 16:00 to 02/20/2021 17:00 (US/Pacific)

Webinar Practice 2 with ATRA Guests

This is a free webinar session designed for participation with guests from the Therapeutic Recreation profession.

Please only register if you are a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist or student. This is a practice session. The goal is to further improve this presentation before it is live for PBS staff. The practice process is helpful for our presenters, and the input from fellow recreational therapists is valuable.

For these practice sessions, you will not be receiving the packets mentioned in the webinar. That is only for the PBS webinar participants on February 24th.

By RSVPing for this session you are stating you will attend this online webinar session. 

One hour before the session begins, you will receive a link with an invitation to join a Zoom session, to participate in this webinar.

The webinar itself is expected to take only about 30-45 minutes. Then there will be a Q&A and session feedback period after. The entire session should only take you about 1 hour.

Please  arrive 10-15 minutes before the webinar begins.

If you have any accessibility needs, trouble joining, or do not find an invitation link to the Zoom session within 1 hour of the session beginning, please:

Email: rpgtherapeutics at gmail dot com

Text/Call: (509) 608-6441

This is the first in a series of webinar we have been contracted to provide to the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

This first webinar in the series covers:

  • Introduction to Games as Recreational Therapy - Neurodiverse Youth: Gifted & Talented, ADHD, & ASD/PDD, including tabletop, live-action, electronic, & hybrid games.

  • Introduction to Core Concepts of Leisure, Recreation, Play, & Games

  • Introduction to Recreational Therapy

  • Introduction to Recreation Therapy and Games

  • Application of Recreation Therapy and Games for Specific Youth Populations

  • Applicable Concepts, Theories, Research, and Evidence-in-Practice

  • Activity Assessment

  • Unmodified Leisure, Recreation, Play, and Games

  • Activity Interactions

  • Player styles

  • Modified activities

  • Task Assessment

  • Leisure Ability Model

  • Therapeutic Games

  • Experiential Learning

  • Facilitated cooperative music and Live-action Games

  • Neurodiverse youth populations:

    • Gifted & Talented

    • ADHD

    • ASD/PDD

      • External and internal considerations

      • Environment considerations

  • Controlled and accessible environments: Accessible RPG Bus and RPG Trailers

  • Additional research examples

  • Q&A

Thank you very much for taking the time to attend this practice session and provide your valuable feedback.


From 02/20/2021 16:00
To 02/20/2021 17:00


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